Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream: Goodbye Stinky Neck! [Product Review]

The humid weather plus milk running down my baby's neck have been causing a stinky problem. I blamed myself a million times believing that I might have missed her neck during bath time, or forgot to put her bib on during milk time. My in laws, including my husband, would make comments about how her neck smells so badly and as a mom, I hate it. 

I have been hearing a lot of good feedbacks about Mustela but thought their products are just way beyond our household budget. I thought it is just another product line with imported label, that probably has locally-produced alternatives which could be a lot cheaper too! 

I eventually got tired and impatient hearing comments about Huey's neck and followed Moomy Musing's advise to try Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream. 

This cream is actually recommended to prevent and treat early signs of diaper rash as indicated on its packaging. It is designed to protect your baby's skin without blocking the pores with its water-in-oil emulsion. It has caprylyl glycol which soothes moderate to severe irritation by limiting bacterial growth and also softens skin with its shea butter and vitamin properties. Thus, you may apply it on your kiddo's neck, underarm and anywhere that may sweat, stink, or may be prone to any forms of irritation. I got the 50ml tube from the Mustela stand located at the 2nd Floor, Northwing of the Mall of Asia which costs Php330.00. You may think its a bit pricey but bacause its thick, a small amount of this cream is more than enough to cover your baby's bottom or neck. 

I would not mind spending a little more on anything that is effective. And so far, Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream has exceeded my expectations. It smells good and surely took all the smelly problems away! The scent lasts long so I don't worry about sweat, rash or irritation especially now that she's more malikot! This is surely an addition to my trusted products for Huey. 


Moomy Musings said...

Hapoy naman ako it works for you! Yes, a bit pricey but super sulit to use. That tube will last a long time, I promise! :) See yah tom!

pharmadealonline said...

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