Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PhilHealth Online Registration: It's so Awesome I Could Cry!!!

Before giving birth to UH-1H, my husband and I were informed that we needed to prepare my PhilHealth MDR (Member Data Record) as it is required by the hospital. I did attach my MDR on my Mommy Book but did not realize it was bearing my maiden name - Moncano. The same was discovered only when dokie already gave the green light for us to be discharged from the hospital. According to the hospital policy, a patient should not be allowed to go home, not until he provides an updated MDR. In my case, I needed to provide one with an updated last name and civil status. It was, at that point, a little impossible as I gave birth in Cebu City and my previous employer is located in Lipa City.  It would take too much time and effort to accomplish the same. The resident PhilHealth personnel then advised my husband to declare me as his dependent and use his MDR instead. My husband sorted it out for a couple of days and so I lost my personal MDR PIN/PhilHealth record.

Now that I am working again, the company required me to secure my own MDR. Again. I have mentioned on my previous post NSO Experience: Obtaining Marriage and Live Birth Certificate that I hate doing transactions with the government. Then I thought of researching the process and requirements online before even trying to brave the long lines and extreme hassle of visiting their office. But lo and behold! Found out that getting one is just as easy as signing up for facebook!

Yes, you can now say goodbye to endless cursing on the forever manual system of government offices! No need to gas up! Just visit the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation and prepare a scanned copy of your pertinent docs to complete the registration. Below is the step by step process:

1) Click on online services 

2) Go to Electronic Registration page by clicking on Register link

3) A new window will open up welcoming you to the Registration page. Click on Proceed button.

4) The Terms and Conditions page will show next. Make sure you understood the same and click on the radio button clicking on Accept at the bottom.

5) Fill out the necessary fields on the next page with your personal details. Make sure to double check the spelling before moving on to the next box. You will need to prepare a scanned copy of any of the following as proof of identity:

If you are registering a dependent, make sure you prepare a scanned copy of your child's Live Birth Certificate as well.Just follow the instructions and you will surely be fine! :)

Isn't this awesome?! I got my PhilHealth PIN in less than 24 hours through mail! They have also attached a digital copy of my MDR so I can just print it out whenever, wherever! I got an instant back up copy in my mail, too! And did you see the contest on their homepage? Makasali nga! Haha! This is one great feat towards modernizing our government. I am looking forward to experience the same with other agencies. Two thumbs up, PhilHealth! You're oh so awweeesooooome!!!


dancingalmonds said...

So this was just last week? I hope I could get mine immediately also. I just applied for mine and I hope it won't take too long!

jan angelique Dalisay said...

Gee, this was really helpful! Thanks for posting :D

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