Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tiny Buds In a Rash? Soothing Cream | Product Review

Hello lovies!
I am back with a review on one of my favorite baby brands - Tiny Buds!
Both my 3-year old and 8-month old kids are using 'In A Rash?' on a daily basis even if they do not have rashes. We recently ran out of our trusty bottom cream so I had to get a new bottle at my nearest Baby Company outlet. I know Tiny Buds recently changed its Baby Bottle and Utensil Cleanser packaging and I was surprised to see that they changed the packaging of their 'In a Rash?' as well.

Tiny Buds' In A Rash? new packaging

Not only did they change the packaging, but the formula's changed too! Look at this very runny consistency - completely different from the old one which was a little bit thicker than this.

The new one also has, I'd say, a fresher scent than the old cream. It says in the packaging that it has Avocado oil, lavender oil, etc but the scent is so different I can't quite put my finger on it.

My kids have been using this new cream for two weeks now and I can say it's as effective as the old version. The new scent is a plus factor, too! BUT! This new cream only has 1 fl oz. The old 'In A Rash?' was in a 50ml bottle! I did a little math and heeey, the old version has .6 fl oz more cream than the new one. Thanks Google! *wink

This new formula, in that old 50ml bottle with a pump would've been the perfect version. Since it has become very liquid-y, I find it harder to control how much product I get with this toothpaste tube-like packaging. So here I am folks, writing this blog as I squeeze the last bit of our 'In A Rash?' just so I can show you how it looks :D Just two weeks and we're out of this bottom cream again.

So my final thoughts would be, I hope Tiny Buds would release bigger packaging (like how many times do I have to say "packaging" in this post?) with a pump. I have to hoard tons of 'In A Rash?' as I do not want to re-purchase every other week. I still love this, nevertheless. One can never go wrong with an all natural product. Very effective in protecting my children's bottom. This surely is every mom's must-have!

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