Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Surviving the Distance

Deployment is such a strange word for me. I consider myself as one of the lucky airforce wives. When I think of deployment, I would imagine him being in a far flung area where cellular signal is a luxury. Times spent waiting for calls; patience stretched by distance. That did not happen even after he left the portals of the academy. Did not happen even after receiving his first long pay. Did not happen until earlier this May. 

Before Huey came to our life, following my husband to wherever he is was just a few clicks away. The thought of deployment was then not so scary. Unknown, but not scary. We always manage to see each other very often. Everything changed when a baby was included in the picture. I instantly became a geographically single mom. My husband might have pampered me so much that the minute he left, life turned into one hell of a bumpy ride! My mom-tuition was immediately put into test, so did my wife-skill. 

I am Whole Again

At 19,  I was no longer contented with my Php120.00 to 150.00 daily allowance to school. I'd feel lucky if mom gives me 200! When you are in college you have to allot budget for movies, night outs (I mean, date with friends at Mc Donalds Bajada, hahahaha!), cellphone load, etc. These are on top of my expenses for daily travel from home to school and back, photocopy of reading materials, meals, and incidental expenses such as trip to Baguio to visit boyfie all the way from Davao, for one. Lol! :)

And so one day, I printed out my resume, hit an interview in a jobs fair and signed a full-time job contract! It was all unplanned and happened in less than an hour! Everything went so quickly that I did not have the time to ask questions about what I was jumping myself into. I was such a fool to believe that I can juggle work and school, and perhaps lovelife, all at the same time. But I tried. There was a time that I woke up in a classroom with unfamiliar faces. Times when I went to work in complete uniform. But who's complaining? 

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