Friday, May 31, 2013

Huey Bids Goodbye to Small Nappy!

Huey started using small-sized diaper since day four. She first tried Huggies Red and my husband loves the wet indicator (as mentioned in my previous post My Trusted Brands for Huey). When we moved back to Lipa, we started patronizing Drypers Wee Wee Dry. Recently, I started noticing that I am already having trouble changing her nappies. It would take three or four extra drags on each end of the diaper before I could finally position the same correctly. I am no longer sure if I'm positioning it right or might have been locking it too tight as it is already leaving reddish marks on her bikini line. Yesterday, 30th of May, my brothers in law and I finally unravelled the cause! Her bottom was showing off while we were cuddling her. Tama ang hinala! It's time to say good bye to small nappies! We were laughing so hard realising that she is indeed getting so big! Huey might have been confused what we were laughing at and flashed her salubong kilay look, which eventually turned into paiyak na  moment with her lips pouting. Lol! She got embarassed! Thought she's too young to know how to feel embarassed! Haha! Oh well, good bye starry starry diaper! Hello clouds! :) 

Huey happy wearing her new medium-sized Drypers Nappy

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