Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baby Signs with Ms Sharon Agoncillo

Long before our children start talking, they are already capable of communicating. At three months, my daughter Huey already started mumbling words like ah, eh, and uh as if trying to initiate a conversation with me. Since I do not understand what my baby is trying to say, I'd give her a nod or flash a huge smile pretending I understood her. There are also times that she would cry relentlessly for no obvious reason! These scenarios coupled with post partum depression raises my stress level and often leads me into crying in the bathroom. I was not prepared for this!

So I felt really excited hearing about the Baby Signs Philippines. When I first heard about the Baby Signs Party, I thought, I need this. Isn't it great to talk to your baby even before they start talking? Let's put this tiring guessing game to an end!

©2013 Planeville Mom

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