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Avent Classic vs Avent Natural Bottles: Product Review

I am a self-confessed Avent-holic mom. To me, when you say its Avent, I am immediately convinced that it is safe for my baby and is worth an investment. 

My husband and I bought classic Avent bottles in preparation to the arrival of our baby number 1. We chose avent classic at the time because that was the cheapest among the existing line of Avent feeding bottles. You get 3 pieces of 9oz bottle for Php1,399.00 - that's mall price. 

Avent Classic

I had issues with it's rings. Before I had no idea what a feeding bottle ring is, or what they call adapter rings. I was advised to buy the Honey tint bottle as it has no adapters - I did not understand that, not until I used the classic Avent. Gaaah! Stupid me! 

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And so, an adapter ring fills the gap between the teat and the actual bottle thus preventing the milk to spill out. If you lost the ring or did not place it right, its going to be a messy milk time for baby! And so, if you got an extra penny, I'd suggest you go for Honey tint bottles! No rings to worry about! No messy milk time for babies! So why am I not recommending the Natural Line?

Two pieces of Avent Natural cost Php999.99. It is claiming to help babies transition seamlessly from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding method. Well.. That is nice. There are babies who refuse bottle-feeding and cling onto mommy. So at 5 months, when Huey needed more feeding bottles, I thought of buying the Natural line this time. And one more good thing about it, just like the Honey tint bottle, it has no rings, too!

Avent Natural Line

Huey started teething at 7 months. She got 6 cutie patootie teeth on her 10th month and is biting anything within her reach. Her bottles are the most abused teething objects as you would expect but to my dismay, her 5-month old Avent Natural bottle gave in first. Teats were worn out as if a hole was bored from a puncher while the classic Avent stands strong on the other hand. She started using classic bottle since day 1 and I must admit, it has way better quality than that of the Natural one. I had to buy a teat replacement for her Natural bottles worth P499.00.

You know, this baby stuffs are overly expensive and we would appreciate if quality speaks for the tag price. Huey is now 11 months old and so is her classic bottles. At 11 months (and counting), classic bottles are still intact. Not even a single sign of damage yet. I was told that you would normally have to replace teats every 6 months and my replacement teats for the classic bottles are already on standby, but it won't just give up! Haha. If I had to re-do things, I would've taken my friends advise and bought the Honey tint bottle instead. :)

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Anonymous said...

Bratt! Zee is also using classic bottles too. I pump my milk and transfer it to his avent classic bottles. Unfortunately, soooo dismayado with leaks. Haaaaaalp flis.

Anonymous. Chos.

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