Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Avent Classic vs Avent Natural Bottles: Product Review

I am a self-confessed Avent-holic mom. To me, when you say its Avent, I am immediately convinced that it is safe for my baby and is worth an investment. 

My husband and I bought classic Avent bottles in preparation to the arrival of our baby number 1. We chose avent classic at the time because that was the cheapest among the existing line of Avent feeding bottles. You get 3 pieces of 9oz bottle for Php1,399.00 - that's mall price. 

Avent Classic

Davao: Life is Here!

So my officemates are planning this grand out of town trip sometime in March and they unfortunately were unable to book that promo fare to Puerto Prinsesa - so they thought of flying to Davao instead. Deym. So okay, tourist guide present, Ma'am, Sir! 

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