Friday, June 14, 2013

Champs Chewable Vitamins: The Yummy Choice Towards Stress-Free VitaminTime!

I have seen my daughter suffering from colds and it was an ultimate heartbreaking experience for the entire family. Though it was nothing serious, my daughter’s pediatrician prescribed Iron and Vitamin C as Huey is still wheezing even after her medication. She did mention that I shouldn't be surprised as babies ages three months and beyond are prone to sickness and diseases. Thus, stressing the importance of vaccines and supplements.
Indeed, you cannot rely on the nutrients listed on the milk packaging. My baby might look oh-so-healthy but I know formula milk isn’t enough. As our babies are growing, they need more and more supplements to compensate what the human body cannot produce sufficiently. We are born in the era when brain development is taken very seriously. If my memory is correct, all formula milk has a standard number of essential vitamins and minerals required by the FDA. So no matter how cheap or expensive your child’s milk is, he or she is expected to get the required amount of vitamins and minerals. Essential brain development nutrient like Lysine and Omega-3 Plus, however, are not included on the list. This paved the way for the advent of food supplements. But with the kind of generation our children have – when most kids are picky and drinking vitamins could mean a total mess if not a disaster, mothers are left helpless!

So I was really excited when Moomy Musings invited me to the launch of CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins at Cerchio Grill and Lounge on 13th of June, 2013. It was a very intimate round table discussion between moms and the makers of CHAMPS – the Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM). 

Photo op with Ms Alina Elidan (left most side at the back) and Dr. Marilou Escobar, MD (standing next to the Ms Elidan)

CCM is the leading pharmaceutical brand in Malaysia which aims to offer generic versions of medications that are equally effective at an affordable price. The event was graced by Dr. Marilou Escobar, MD as the key opinion speaker who pointed out the importance of vitamins and minerals, and Ms. Alina Elidan, the Business Manager of CCMIP – Pharmaceuticals Division who later on discussed the product line. With the endless brands of supplements available in the market right now, I believe the only question is, “What makes Champs unique?”

Champs' Line of Vitamins

With so many tasks on my daily to-do list, the last thing I wanted to do is play hide and seek or "here comes the plane!" just to make my baby drink her vitamins. Yes we value health, but we also value convenience! I'm pretty sure working mom's like me will agree on this! CHAMPS' line of vitamins is chewable. No money is, therefore, wasted as there is no chance of spill-overs! Each chewtab is exactly dosed so mom's can now say goodbye to droppers as well! Convenience factor – check!

We all know how it feels being obliged to drink supplements that taste like medicine! Prepare for a sugar crush moment as CHAMPS tastes like candy without the actual sugar! It comes in orange, tutti fruitti and pineapple flavor. I really like the pineapple one! If I’d known CHAMPS when I was little, I will surely look forward to taking my vitamins everyday! Vitamin time can now be a learning time, too! With its triangle, heart and donut fun shapes, parents can start teaching shapes as easy as ABC's!

Usually, I hear parents in supermarkets and drug stores who ask general questions like “Anong magandang vitamins pampagana kumain?” (What vitamins do you recommend for boosting the appetite?), or what vitamins is best to maintain general health, or is best for protection? CHAMPS pediatric line of supplements is designed to answer all these. With its optimum mix of vitamins, mom’s can easily choose the suitable vitamins given the desirable outcome beforehand. Say, if you want a supplement that helps fast and fun recovery from an illness, you may want to try the CHAMPS C + Lysine! Below are some fast facts about Champs' line of vitamins:

Champs C Chewable Tablet - Protection Against Common Illnesses
✔ Contains 100mg Vitamin C (50mg in Calcium Ascorbate, 50mg in Sodium Ascorbate)
✔ Comes in bottles x 100s chewtab forms
✔ Comes in Natural Orange Flavor
✔ Heart-shaped

Champs M Chewable Dietary - Promotes General Health
✔ Contains Vitamin C, Plus 9 Essential Dietary Nutrients
✔ Comes in bottles x 100s chewtab forms
✔ Comes in Natural pineapple flavor
✔ Triangle shaped

Champs Multivitamins + Lysine - Boosts Appetite
✔ Contains Lysine 50mg plus Folic Acid
✔ 9 Essential Multivitamins (Vit C 50mg)
✔ Comes in bottles x 100s chewtab forms
✔ Comes in Orange flavor
✔ Donut-shaped

Champs C + Lysine - Enhances appetite during sickness for fast recovery
✔ Contains Vitamin C and Lysine
✔ Comes in bottles x 100s chewtab forms
✔ Comes in Tutti Fruitti flavor
✔ Donut-shaped

Champs Omega-3 Plus - Boost brain development and performance
✔ Contains 9 essential dietary nutrients
✔ Comes in bottles x 100s chewtab forms
✔ Comes in Tutti Fruitti flavor
✔ Heart-shaped

I find CHAMPS a very promising brand. Coming from a reputable company, I am assured that I'm living to my promise of giving only the best for my kid. If you try googling CHAMPS, you will even find it recommended by The Filipino Doctor. So I am inviting other parents to try this vitamins for their kids with me! Stay tuned to Planeville Mom as I will be posting my first ever giveaway soonest!


Moomy Musings said...

I'm so proud of you Mars! Well-done for your first post-event write-up! :) Very well-written. :) I'm so happy that you enjoyed the Bloggers Get to Know Champs Day! How's Richard taking everything? Hahaha! :)

vee fernandez said...

Mars, ito na start ng blogging career..ang pag-attend ng mga events (by invitation and not gate crashing haha). Galing galing! I am now anticipating for your very first blog contest!

Monika De Veas said...

Hi CJ! I agree with Glaiza. Very well written nga. I enjoyed reading it. Btw, Pa-grab ako ng group pic ha?

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