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Black Canyon Coffee: A Drink From Paradise Available on Earth

I can't call it a day when I don't get my daily dose of coffee. One frappe with a couple of yummylicious doughnut a day and you make me a happy camper. Oh yes! I am one helluva caffeine addict! It came to a point when I know if my usual coffee tastes or smells different. My addiction started when I was pregnant to my daughter Huey. Maybe you can blame my infancipating hormones, but one thing is for sure: cancelled coffee dates means war. And I mean, cold and overly dramatic waaar. 

I really like trying new things. I love travelling, meeting new people from different walks of life, discovering local food specialties, and sharing it to people. I'm not sure, however, if this is what you call "maturity" or just a plain sign of aging but my adventure spirit is gradually declining. It's becoming tiring, for one. My husband and I no longer have the luxury of time and money trying anything new and sometimes go home frustrated and disappointed. We developed a rule that it is always wise to hear a restaurant review straight from a trusted friend or ask google, rather than leaving the place with dissatisfied stomach and abused pocket. 

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I was invited to the launch of Black Canyon Coffee (BCC) at Mckinley Hill on June 14th, 2013 and had an opportunity to try not just their coffies and teas, but also their culinary products. I was a bit skeptical about BCC as I am pretty convinced that I already found my perfect kind of coffee and thought nothing, ever, is going to be better. 

Ribbon cutting ceremony with the founder of Black Canyon Coffee

The moment Black Canyon Iced Coffee hits my tongue, I immediately associate the taste from that of a 3 in 1 coffee. It took a blink when that familiar taste turned into an entirely different level of bitterness, richness and chocolatey-ness! That I didn't expect! No doubt, this one must be the best seller in Thailand!

Black Canyon Iced Coffee

BCC originated from Thailand and has taken over Asia and United Arab Emirates. They are currently brewing in Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and the Philippines. The newly-opened branch in Mckinley Hill is actually the second here in the country, the first being in Alabang Southmall.

The newly-opened BCC branch at Mckinley Hill

BCC's baristas ready for business.

I personally like their Tom Yum. It is the kind of pasta when you want something homey and flavorful. The acidity of lemon balances all the unexpected flavors of the dish. You must try their fish fillet and green curry, too! 

Tom Yum: One of the best sellers of BCC

BCC has a long list of award-winning coffee, tea and culinary items on their menu. The ingredients were selected and handled meticuluosly, and brought here in the Philippines all the way from Thailand so you can expect only the best. That you can take from me. 

The few of the many awards of BCC

Good Food for Good Health and Good Life

This experience brought back my desire to try new things! The world doesn't stop spinning and human kind is in constant battle towards finding the best of the best. Black Canyon Coffee definitely lives to their tag line: a drink from paradise, available on Earth! 

BCC Menu

Here are some of the beverages we tried during the launch:

Black Canyon Coffee Frappe

Black Canyon Thai Iced Tea

Photos by Planeville Mom

I hope Black Canyon Coffee opens up a branch in MOA, where I work. I will trade my usual coffee for the classic Black Canyon Iced Coffee! On my way home, I was surprised that it actually is cheaper than my usual caffeine. You, too, may try this awesome coffee experience! Black Canyon Coffee is located at Tuscany, near Venize Piazza, in Mckinley Hill. 

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