Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mom's (Not So Deep) Darkest Secret.

Oh boy, when I got pregnant to Huey my skin started to break. My nose got huge, sooo huge! Had pimples all over my face. Tons of them! I look like a pimple with a face. Ha! I had a big-o bump at 6 months. And was almost overweight couple of weeks before I gave birth. But the saddest part I felt was when my neck started to darken. Then my face. Then my dark underarms, uhmm, got darker.

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No, I didn't have a baby boy. And no, I did not blame my kid for all of these. Blamed (and is still hating) my preggo hormones. Yup, I had a dark underarm! Ohhhhyeah! Feeling relieved as if that was a secret. Duh! I was never white. I am just another morena in the crowd who buys Kojic soap and visits a cheap skin care clinic in town. But hey, before I got pregnant, I thought my dark underarm was just as dark as the rest of my skin. And I was ok with it. Not until I got pregnant! Oh you gotta believe me, my underarm just went from dark, to charcoal.

So my girlfriend Lara mentioned about this cream called Arbutin and Aluminun Chloride. She said I can start using these after I give birth but completely forgot about it. You know that feeling when you become a mom (a full time mom for that matter) and you no longer care so much about what you wear and how you look like. Oh you're not alone.
This friend Lara that I am talking about is a nurse by profession. She has an amazing, healthy white complexion and is also a mom so I knew, then and there, that she is someone I can trust on this. I was so excited when she sent me a sample of Aluminun Chloride and Arbutin Cream. Ow em gee I am not a hopeless case!

I remember the first day I started using Aluminum Chloride and Arbutin is the same day that I had a fever. The next day, I still had fever and was in pain that they had to rush me to the hospital without me taking a bath. Dengue positive, said the doctor. I stayed for another 24 hours in the hospital and surprisingly, I did not stink at all! It was only then I realised how effective Aluminum Chloride is!

Photo from my friend Lara

Alum, which is locally known as "tawas," in liquid form that is. I was never a fan of tawas when I was young. I hated it! I had an active lifestyle that's why I guess it never worked for me. But this, this is truly a surprise! I never thought I could last for more than 48 hours with just the Aluminum Chloride alone without smelling like shit. That was super!

I had my doubts about Arbutin cream, just so you know. It is not the first cream I tried to overcome my preggo dilemma with my underarm. I have tried much more expensive products and smearing becomes very tiring when you do not see results after a while. My sister Lara told me I will see results after two (2) weeks. Two weeks! I got psyched but was not really convinced.  That's two weeks my dear. You only hear that from paid tv commercials! But like I said, I trust this person. So I thought why not give it a try.

So I bet you already know that the dang cream works for me! Because I will not be writing this effin article if it doesn't! Haha! I stayed one week in the hospital. Another week at home and deym she was right. I am seeing results beybi! It's not as white as snow but I think I am getting there (insert evil grin here).

If you have a dark secret, you may wanna try Aluminum Chloride and Arbutin Cream without robbing your bank account. You may get it touch with my friend Lara through her facebook page by clicking here.

Taking care of ourselves is not a luxury. Women should not feel guilty when they spend time and a couple of bucks to pamper ourselves. When I got pregnant, I felt ugly, fat and not attractive. But now that I already gave birth, I am making no excuse! It's time to get those dark underarms back. LOL!

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