Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Trusted Brands for Huey

I did not fully understood the saying 'Mom Knows Best' not until I became a mom. Yep, mom was right when she said loving a military man isn't hard, it is in fact very hard. Lol! But what makes a mom know what is best? 

Becoming a mom for the first time is like becoming a toddler - smells and eats everything under his reach. My husband was in disbelief when I smelled my baby's poop when I changed Huey's nappy for the first time. It changed color! Who wouldn't be curious?! Hahaha! And yes, I also smell her boogar, her belly button, earwax, everything! Any changes from the usual scares me. Yes, I tried tasting her milk! Huey is using NAN Pro One. It was her pedia's choice of brand. Naah, I didn't like the taste. It tastes like sugar! But Huey likes it very much! Isn't it obvious? Haha! Yes, I spend hours in the grocery store secretly opening, and smelling, different brands of wet wipes. A customer once asked me if it was allowed. Of course not! I just don't have the luxury of buying small trial packs just to check if it smells good. Why spend testing too many products if you can smell it right then and there? Haha! I am using Farlin wet wipes for now. I like it because it cleans without me exerting so much pressure on my baby's bottom. It's cheap, too! Sometimes I just get confused with its powder scent from that of Huey's pooppy. Toinks! I have tried Bebeta (liked the aloe vera scent but felt its too thin), Prokid and Drypers wet wipes as well. I really like Drypers because of its tutti fruity scent! I got a sample from my winning package in Avenue for Mommies Online Winter Wonderland Christmas Giveaway! I searched all over Cebu and Lipa but could not find Drypers wet wipes.  I wouldn't mind spending more just to get one! I also use Drypers diaper for Huey. I love its cottony, cloth-like feeling when you touch it! One nappy would last for minimum of four hours to maximum of six! Not bad at all! With Pampers Dry, we had to change nappies every two to three hours!  I hate the rubbery feeling on its edges and the saggy feeling in general (we had to try pampers since it was the only product available in AFPCES at the time). It feels like they stuffed dozens of cotton balls that are falling apart once it gets wet. Huey has tried Huggies red and blue as well. My husband likes the wet indicator of Huggies red.  It's my second brand of choice next to Drypers! So far, Drypers has been successful in keeping my baby's bottom free from rash! One piece of drypers diaper costs around Php8.00. If you compare it to the per unit price of different diaper brands, you'd find it one of the cheapest! Yes, I spent hours in the supermarket calculating that too! Haha! 

Here are the rest of my trusted brands for Huey:

1) Nivea Baby Head to Toe Wash - smells really good! The 250ml bottle lasted for almost two months. It costs Php 165.00 in SM Supermarket. Isn't that cheap? Tried Lactacyd Baby Wash before and it made Huey's skin really dry. 

2) Nivea Baby Body Lotion (Nutri Sensitive) - effective in keeping my baby's skin soft! No more dry, flakey skin! Smells like the Nivea head to toe wash. You can easily find one in all SM Supermarkets. 

3) Sansflu Oral Health Care for Babies (Kiddie Toothpaste and Brush) - since Huey is using formula, her tongue is prone to white-substance build up (I honestly do not know how its called). Sansflu is very effective in keeping my baby's tongue clean. Huey likes the strawberry flavor and its flouride-free so it's proven safe for babies! The handy dandy brush makes it a million times easier to get the job done! Its available in all Rustans Supermarket. 

4) Tiny Buds (Bottle and Accessory Cleanser) - got a free sample from my good mommy friend Glaiza. No doubt, this is the best cleanser I've tried! All naturale! It complied with the food safety standards so moms can use it in washing all baby stuffs, even fruits and veggies! And yes, it has a tutti fruity smell so I'm sure you'll like it too! If I remember it right, a 250ml bottle costs Php257.00. A refill pack costs about Php79.00. It is available in all Robinsons and Rustans Supermarket. You can place your order online through Soldier Mom's Corner, too! Visit Soldier Mom on Facebook! If you are an Avent user, you need this! This will help your bottle's life last longer.

5) Avent Feeding Bottles - Do I need to explain? Avent is the number one brand for babies in UK and has been successful in keeping my baby free from colic! I've had my fair share of sleepless nights when my baby suffered from colic due to a poor quality of feeding bottle. It sure is expensive but is worth an investment. I highly recommend the honeytint or the natural line of Avent. You can get one at the Baby Section of SM Department Stores nationwide. 

6) Tiny Buds (In a Rash) - This one's effective in removing traces of mosquito bites! You can also apply a small amount to your baby's bottom everytime you change nappies to avoid rashes. 

7) Drypers Wet Wipes and Diaper - Worth every cent of your money. Drypers diaper is available in all Robinsons Supermarket.

8) Smartsteps Baby Detergent and Softener - smells so light and is safe for your baby's skin! A 900ml pack costs around Php170.00. 

I am yet to try Mustella products. Huey's neck is starting to stink as she is getting really fat and sweaty. 

I guess the battle on finding the best brands for babies is never ending. As a mom, I will never be contented with the status quo. Do you have any trusted brands that were not included on my list? I'd love to know what's on your list!

So what makes a mom know what's best? It's the desire to give only the best! 


vee fernandez said...

Not that we are looking into the brand but I guess its better to shell out a little kesa naman magsuffer babies natin tapos mas gagastos ng malaki di ba? Good job sis..

Glaiza Garcia-Tominio said...

Mars, try Mustela's Vitamin Barrier Cream! You can apply it to Huey's neck to avoid rash, even to the bikini line. You can also put some to her feet, even armpit to avoid that maasim smell! I'm pretty impressed with your list, makes me feel proud for you. Good brand choices! :)

Debbie Anne said...

nice Sis.

Visit my blog too!

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