Thursday, May 30, 2013

Judge Me Not

Admit it, there was a point in our lives as young teenage girls that we despise the early morning rantings of our moms. You felt like you hear the same litany over and over again and that there is just no way of telling them straight that you got their point, but don't think your doing something wrong. 

When I was little, at the back of my mind I would judge my mom as a control freak. She was a public elementary school teacher, the eldest in the family and yeah, the mom of a bratty kid. I have vivid memories of her correcting my table manners every meal of everyday. Elbows must be tucked on your side and must eat quietly. Its as if she has a super power that she could hear even the slightest sound when I chew, or the sound of spoon touching my plate. I'd have to watch my actions at all times or suffer the consequence of her very very loong speech on etiquette. I would sometimes wish that she'd bring home tons of workload just so she can't eat dinner with us. There were also times that I saw her reading my notes from school. Yes folks! She caught me playing FLAMES in my notebook and got an exclusive scoop on my crush's name in an instant! So yeah, I didn't have privacy in my own home! And did you see my fashion style when I was young? Deym. Every Sunday she would force me to wear flowery dresses to church. Dresses that are not in style and do not even fit me well. Every Sunday,  I prayed reaaally really hard that none of my classmates see me and embarass me with my "pang manang" dress. During weekends, when my neighbors are playing outside, she would force me to read books beside her, while she's writing her lesson plan. She'd bribe me with cream-O cookies if I finish one book in one sitting. She would sometimes complain that she doesn't understand my judgment, but doesn't want me to reason out. She'd stop me everytime I get so loud or too frank. I feel so controoolled! 

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But I guess you have to be a mother to judge a mother. No, actually nobody has the right to judge a mom! Or anyone for that matter. I now understand where my mother is coming from. You want your child to be the best she could possibly be by being a good mom, giving only the best. So you can't judge a mom who asks. It means she wanted to learn. Besides, education is a never ending process. What's correct today might no longer be acceptable in the future. She's a good mom. You cannot blame a mom who leaves home to work. It means she wants to help her husband bring food on the table, or send their children to a reputable school. That isn't hard to understand, she's a good mom. I do not judge my biological mother for leaving me to mama Minda. Thanks to her, I had a good life. She's a good mom. Bad judgment exists, but never a bad mom. 

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vee fernandez said...

You write like a pro!Haha...Nice post sis..looking forward to more interesting post from your blog page..kudos!

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