Friday, February 5, 2016

Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes | Product Review

Hey lovies!

Remember that time when I bought Bebeta Wet Wipes just because I can't find Nursy anywhere? So I ran into the same situation a few days back but this time I picked Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes.

My first love was Drypers wet wipes which has a tutty fruity scent (and I got crazy about it) but it was just too hard to find one especially when you're constantly travelling. And then I fell in love with Nursy Baby Wipes In Power Scent. Still loving it for 2 years now. At P91.00, it's one of the cheapest brands you can find that's readily available at any supermarket. Nursy also recently released a new scent called Bedtime in lavender scent and I enjoy it just as much as I enjoy the powder scent. But then again, I had to pick out another brand. Priced at P153.00, I had pretty high expectations from this brand. Annnnd tada! It did not disappoint. 

Look at the quality! Isn't it amazing? So thick and gentle to the skin. It doesn't have any scent and I am not sure how I feel about that. I still like the powder and lavender scent of Nursy though. But the quality of Huggies is so good, 2 wipes and your baby's yucky poopy problem is gone. Here's a side by side picture of Nursy Bedtime and Huggies Gentle Care baby wipes.
See the difference? My final thoughts on Huggies baby wipes is it's really good. With 1 or 2 wipes, Sean's bottom gets squeaky clean. But for approximately P2.00 per wipe? That is damn expensive mah friend. Nobody got money for that! LOL. I do not see myself repurchasing and using this on a daily basis just because it is very expensive. On the other hand, it gets the job done faster and I like that so I would probably pick this up again if we're travelling. Have you tried this? Any thoughts on this? I'd love to hear from you! :)

PS. this is not a paid post.

<3 CJ

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