Monday, July 8, 2013

Bebeta Wet Wipes in a Bottle [Product Review]

Afpces ran out of Nursy wet wipes (the pink one) - my new favorite wet wipes. So I had to run to the nearest mall just to find out it wasn't also available in the supermarket. So I had no choice but to buy a different brand.

My mother-in-law mentioned before about a certain brand of wet wipes in a bottle and said two bottles only cost Php100.00. I thought it's silly to place wipes in a bottle. Hehe. So when I was contemplating what brand of wet wipes I'd buy out of what's available in the shelves, I immediately noticed Bebeta wet wipes and indeed it was in a bottle! 

So it's a buy one take one promo for a hundred bucks and each bottle contains 50 wipes. Did a quick math and thought I'll be paying one peso for each wipe. That's cheap! It was tightly packed so I did not have the chance to check its quality. But since I tried Bebeta wet wipes before - the one in resealable plastic pack - and kinda liked it, I bought it! And to my dismay...

Tadaaa! Ano to? Cloth strainer? Haha! When I tried cleaning Huey's bottom with this, my gaahd, I can feel her poopy passing through the wipe fabric to my hands! Gosh! I wasted a hundred pesos for this! This is waaay thinner compared to the one in plastic pack. I so hate wasting money for this! So heads up moms! You know what to avoid!

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