Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SSS Lipa: Quota Dilemma

Visited a few government offices to compile requirements for employment and was amazed how early SSS closed its doors to customers. I arrived at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Yes it's late, but I believe  it is too early to refuse service. Upon arrival, I immediately noticed the note "Ubos na ang number sa pila. Bukas po ulit." 

Yes, SSS! You sent the message across. Crystal clear! This "quota" system is, in fact, not the first I encountered in government offices. Been to NBI Davao City Office and experienced the same. Here's my POV:

1) Quota is good when used to quantify the minimum number of services that must be rendered for a specific period of time. Ensures people on the ground are working. Should not then become the basis on refusing service during business hours. 

2) Setting an achievable quota on fixed business hours is an effective way of hitting an ideal average handling time. Ensures fast service. This, however, should not limit an employee on getting more jobs done. If he can take 50 tasks, why limit him to 20? 

3) Push for performance-based incentive. Heard PNoy's ridiculous version of PBB. No, not that kind of system. I hope congress can formulate an effective way of quantifying a government employee's efficiency and reward them appropriately. 

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