Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Revisiting Zubuchon: Discovering Saguyon

One day I woke up and decided to take a flight back to Cebu. Haha! Talk about spontaneity! And would I dare miss my top 1 must-try restaurant in Cebu?

So we ordered our usual Zubuchon Meal and surprised with the sudden price increase. 😱 From Php120.00, zubuchon with rice meal now costs Php160.00! Yay! They say its because of the recently concluded Cebu International Triathlon. Maybe that also caused the sudden price increase on airfare tickets to Cebu. Sad face.

Nevertheless, zubu meal never failed to satisfy my lechon cravings. We skipped Kamias shake this time and tried Canada Ginger Ale and Barq's Root Beer.

Canada Dry Ale and Barq's Root Beer

Since my husband and I are up for something new on a Sunday, we tried their Saguyon.


These are tiny fresh water fish netted out of Lake Mainit in Northern Mindanao. Highly seasonal; they are sun dried and fried to perfection! It is best-paired with spicy vinegar! Six crispy saguyon costs Php100.00. Isn't that cheap?

Saguyon is definitely an addition to my must-try dishes from Zubuchon. We actually took some home and enjoyed it with our favorite beer. :)

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