Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Top 5 Restaurants in Cebu | Updated List 2015

Hey  Friends!

I knooow! It's been awhile and I have discovered not really new but definitely awesome food trip destinations here in Sugbo! If you're visiting Cebu soon or a local resident who needs a fresh list of must-visit resto's, read on. :)

Café Racer
Car and motorcycle enthusiast will surely enjoy this 50's themed diner. I. Have. Been. Raving! About this place for quite sometime now and I still get surprised whenever I come back. Their fillet mignon (PhP 315.00) is to die for!  Perfect with M&M Blast (PhP 110.00). I kinda forgot why I like Casa Verde all of a sudden. And oh! Their squid balls (PhP 50.00) should not be missed on Sabado night outs with the gang. I have not tried anything I did not like. They have a wide array of menu: from gourmet burgers, pizza and pasta, steaks, and Pinoy street foods among others. Awesome customer service too! Located in Reclamation Area in Mandaue, this is surely one for the books!

Manuel's Restaurant
This has been a go-to, all-time favorite buffet restaurant for the last two years and I just keep forgetting to write about it. Gaaah! Blame anesthesia! :D If you are looking for a variety of different cuisines, this. is. THE place! Head on to Cebu Parklane Intl Hotel located in Escario Street. Priced at Php550.00 net on weekdays and Php650.00 on weekends, you get such a great deal for a 3-star hotel buffet. I have never been a fan of Chinese cuisine, but I must say that Manuel's Restaurant made me love dimsum SO much! They also offer Filipino, Japanese, maybe some Thai(?) dishes. I could not recommend enough their seafood station - really, really good. 
We had dinner in this place a few days back to celebrate my birthday and the food and service was just as good as the first time we tried it. Thank you to the staff for conniving a surprise with my husband, I feel loved. :)

Mismukuno Teppanyaki
My husband and I was strolling Ayala Center Cebu on a supposed movie date night but missed our schedule (Gaaah, what's new? Traffic!) when I noticed this new restaurant. I remember seeing the same restaurant in A.S. Fortuna which is always packed with so many people every. single. night I pass by the area on my way to work. So I thought why not give it a try and guuurl we're happy we did!
Do not expect a sushi-ramen-dinner table type of Japanese resto, they serve more of teppanyaki and maybe one or two variants of maki dishes. The pork teppanyaki at PhP240.00 is worth it! I couldn't say if this is THE best in terms of teppanyaki resto's just because I am not exactly a big fan of Japanese cuisine (unless it's ramen, a good ramen from Wrong Ramen in BGC, then yeah, Love it!) and I have not tried a lot of teppanyaki's in my life. But if you just want to hang out, experience a different kind of restaurant entertainment with your meal being cooked in front of you in a griddle, or the staff singing the batang-90's-fave-anime: Volte's Five, then yes, this is THE place. Overall, the food was decent. The quality of service is just ok - you know what I mean? They get you orders, serve your food, nothing extraordinary right there. But definitely love the concept of this place and enjoyed the ambiance beri, beri much.

Apple One Sky Lounge by Blue Elephant
Located at the 19th floor of Apple One Bldg in Cebu Business Park, this place is perfect for group gatherings or even a couple nights out who just wanted to get a breath of fresh air without really going out of the city. The thought of taking pictures of the place did not even cross my mind because the food is ugh! So delicious! I am not sure if they take walk in guests because boy, the place is almost always jam packed! So I suggest you call and reserve a seat first at 032.511.7600. PhP300.00 consumable entrance fee is not that bad. While the customer service and reservation staff are not a very pleasant experience, once you get in, it is defuniteleeey worth it!

Penong's Barbeque Seafood and Grill
This is not a homegrown restaurant (as I believe this originally came from Davao) and is more on a cheaper side but I cannot skip putting this on my list. I LOVE their seafood pinakbet at PhP142.00, kinilaw at PhP118.00, baked scallops (who doesn't love scallops???) at PhP130.00 and my all-time favorite Inato 4 which is basically unlimited rice and 2 cuts of thinly sliced, grilled to perfection, pork belly. Ugh! I recall my friend from Manila commenting that this is the only seafood pinakbet he tried that actually has seafood and not just 2 or 3 pieces of shrimps in it. :) This budget-friendly restaurant is located at Escario Street, just across Best Western Plus Lex Hotel. Both value for money and service are great!
There is definitely more to Cebu that I have not explored yet. Let me know in the comments section down below if you have a great place in mind so we could try it too! I hope this post helps you in your next food trip. See yah! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi I have a question regarding on the entrance of Blue Elephant, what do you mean by consumable entrance fee? There's an entrance fee and then another pay up for the bill for your ordered meal?

Planeville Mom said...

Hello! Sorry for the late response. Yes, there is an entrance fee which you can use to pay up your order. I forgot how much it was. I think it was 200 - not sure!

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