Monday, December 22, 2014

Thoughts On My Plane Ride Home

While boarding the plane earlier today, the woman in front of me told her companion "Nararamdaman ko na yung tenga ko. Sumasakit na." Like, seriously? We're not even flying yet! Is it just me? Or is the number of idiots really increasing.
I don't know what happened but I have become really bitchy and critical these past few days.. maybe months. I have issues controlling my "candid" opinion on things, notice even the slightest flinch on your face or the smallest degree of inconsistencies in your story. Here are a few words and phrases which tick me off:
I would cut you off and ask, "yah think?? you're not sure?" Especially when interviewing applicants, saying "I think" is such a turn off especially if you're vying for a management post. Or when I'm asking for a fact - I don't care what you think. I need facts.
When someone starts his sentence with "honestly," it gives me this feeling that you are not being honest with me from the very beginning.
When I ask a yes or no question yet they answer me with an explanation. It's just a yes or a no. Some people likes to say "ganito kasi yaaan" as if you are a child who does not understand a thing. Oo na, ako na ang nagmamarunong.
Making it sound as if it's a bad thing. "Buntis ka na naman, ba't gano'n?" Really? Like, really? Nagsex kami ng asawa ko kaya ganon.
I wonder if I'm the only person in the world feeling the same thing. I hope not. Lol! I find it really hard to zip my mouth. I often find myself getting into an argument because I asked, "is that a fact, or is that based on your imagination?" I know, I need to practice positive scripting. Lol.

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